Thursday, 8 April 2010

Play The Tremors Video Game Online!

I love the original "Tremors" movie starring Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward and Finn Carter so this online flash game based on the film (although renamed "Tremerz" to obviously avoid a law suit) is a bit of awesomeness for me! The game sees you gathering up your buddies in familiar spots whilst jumping and dodging the various underground dwelling "Graboids" which are out to kill you.

Simple yet effective fun for Tremors fans of all ages!

You can play the game HERE.



Anonymous said...

hey this game is awsome and I like it alot better than the other one they had featuring tremors 4, but this one is just amazing! Please keep this up I am a big fan of tremors and I love this game and if you can please make a tremors 2 one that would be awsome!!!.....Thank You!

Games said...

Awesome game with cool graphic. I love this one.