Monday, 19 April 2010


Joseph MALLOZZI has officially stuck his fingers up to the SGU "trolls" out there (meaning all those A holes that just can't take it that SGU is NOT SG1 or Atlantis, and keep spouting shit about it!)

Apparently we have a lot of people that have nothing better to do that bitch and moan about SGU........IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, BUGGER OFF AND DON'T WATCH IT!!!

Other than the comparison to BSG (why is that so bad?!?) and stating the obvious differences between the SG franchise shows (again, something fresh and different never hurt anyone) the TROLLS are now on the war path about the writers "sexualising" the female cast members.

All I can say is ..........GET A F*CKING LIFE!!! IDIOTS. Every show on TV has hot women, walking around in skimpy clothes, sex scenes and sexual dialog............why is SGU being singled out?

Because of the TROLLS being total morons!!! Check out MALLOZZI'S reply.

STOP MAKING IDIOT COMMENTS. Note I didn't say idiotic comments because that would imply that the lion's share of the idiocy lies with the comment itself rather than the commentator. No, I mean: STOP MAKING IDIOT COMMENTS.

For example, say you have a problem with the James scene in Darkness in which she threatens Riley and Eli after they try spying on her with the kino. You can go ahead and make an argument for the scene being sexist (although I'd argue that there's a difference between the scene being sexist and the characters in the scene acting inappropriately, especially given that a clearly disappointed Young admonishes both men), but if, in the body of your comment or any subsequent comment, you refer to the James character as Lieutenant Rack or McBoobs, then you're a hypocrite who has successfully undermined their argument by demonstrating you can't be taken seriously. Also, you're an idiot.

Sadly, the negativity has also taken its toll on one-time regular Sherry, proud mother of actor Brian J. Smith, who, surprised and saddened by some of the hostility here, has elected to no longer read the blog. Also, after several months of connecting with fandom online, Brian is stepping away from his popular twitter account for much the same reason. Some of the very same fans who he was kind enough to open up a dialogue with in the run-up to the premiere started leaving him nasty comments as though he was responsible for the show's creative direction... [R]ealize – if it hasn't become apparent by now – that we love our cast and are very protective of them. Trust me when I say that there's no better way to guarantee a character's long and fruitful stay on a show than to insist we get rid of them.

SGU is NOT SG-1 or Atlantis. It's a different show in terms of tone and characters. If you're expecting flawless people, square-jawed heroes, and stories that set up and deliver all the answers over the course of a forty-five minute episode, you WILL be disappointed. And DON'T expect that to change.

I love SGU and hope it stays with us for a long time to come. And for all those TROLLS reading's Julia Benson in all her sexy glory!!!

MALLOZZI is a legend!!!


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53sled said...

Its no different than star trek, deep space nine, or voyager, come on guys.