Monday, 31 May 2010


Apparently the break down for the new movie has been posted.........not the most informative of synopsis' but here it is.

In a universe as vast as it is mysterious, a small but powerful force has existed for centuries. Protectors of peace and justice, they are called the Green Lantern Corps. A brotherhood of warriors sworn to keep intergalactic order, each Green Lantern wears a ring that grants him superpowers. But when a new enemy called Parallax threatens to destroy the balance of power in the Universe, their fate and the fate of Earth lie in the hands of their newest recruit, the first human ever selected: Hal Jordan.

Hal is a gifted and cocky test pilot, but the Green Lanterns have little respect for humans, who have never harnessed the infinite powers of the ring before. But Hal is clearly the missing piece to the puzzle, and along with his determination and willpower, he has one thing no member of the Corps has ever had: humanity. With the encouragement of fellow pilot and childhood sweetheart Carol Ferris (Blake Lively), if Hal can quickly master his new powers and find the courage to overcome his fears, he may prove to be not only the key to defeating Parallax…he will become the greatest Green Lantern of all.

Also, more news from the set:

Even taking into
account heavy CGI element of Warner Bros. superhero film, Green Lantern, it's fairly obvious that many practical stunts will be used for the action-oriented film. We've even seen several of the large cranes and harnesses that were on the movie set in New Orleans, LA, during the first few days of filming. If you're familiar with the behind-the-scenes work of action films , you already know that accidents and injuries are bound to happen.

Advanced Dark managed to catch up with one of the busiest stuntmen in hollywood, Jeff Wolfe, back in March. They discussed his roles in several upcoming films, including his visit to the Thor movie set. The other day Wolfe mentioned an injury he sustained while working on Green Lantern. No big deal for Wolfe, apparently, since he's still hard at work.

"Ok Ed... here's the update! Little action sequence last week.. Dislocated left shoulder..Big scene..looks awesome.. all good right? Wrong.. had to do another action sequence 12 hours after they popped it back in and a dialogue scene after!

Ever try punching with a recently dislocated shoulder?..not fun! Truly a glamorous biz right? All good now. No permanent damage, just one hell of a bruised arm!"

Though I'm sure none of us would wish injury on anyone in that dangerous line of work, it's good to see the amount of dedication the Green Lantern crew are putting into making this film a success.



THE CAPE - One superhero that appears to kick ass!!

Well this was a surprise.....THE CAPE doesn't appear to suck as bad as I thought when I heard the idea behind it.

"The NBC series is set in the fictional metropolis of Palm City, it follows a innocent cop (Vince Faraday played by David Lyons) who has been framed for a crime that he didn't commit and then left for dead after he's caught. Faraday is eventually saved by a circus ringleader (Keith David) who prepares him with special abilities to defend himself against his new foes. Separated from his wife and son, he tries to clear his name while protecting them from being killed if he was ever reported alive. He takes the law into his own hands by taking the guise of his son's favorite comic book hero, The Cape, after he is given a special suit that has unique capabilities. Vowing to get rid of the corruption that has taken over both the city and the police force, he goes after the person responsible for setting him up and causing his "demise.""

Check out the trailer and interview with the star of the show David Lyons.....and enjoy the sight of Summer Glau on your screens again!!! Laters



I'm holding out hope for this movie that Edgar Wright's sense of humour has survived the American transition.........whatever anyone thinks we British have a much more subtle sense of humour as oppose to American "toilet" humour.

But this new trailer just makes me wanna see this movie more.



Sunday, 30 May 2010


I was just browsing the official website for all things STARGATE and came across some KINO footage from SGU.....I take it some are deleted scenes and others are just shot for the site.

Some are pretty funny, others just kino shot alternate scenes from episodes.....check this one out. A great bit of footage of everyone's favourite character Lt JAMES!!!! And her two companions!!!

Just follow the link and check it out!!!

Come check out what I found over at

Kino 12 - Covered Kino

Saturday, 29 May 2010


Actually I don't really care what you guys did today (don't take it personally) cause I met one of THE most beautiful women on TV today............the super sexy Alaina HUFFMAN from SGU.

KW and I ventured to the MCM EXPO today and braved the waves of strange people that choose to dress up like cartoon characters and offer "free hugs". To be fair, if they were attractive women offering these hugs I would probably indulge..........but usually its spotty young men that appear to have never had contact with the opposite sex.

Anyway, back on the subject of Alaina.............WOW!!! This lady not only appears (currently) in two great shows - SGU and SMALLVILLE. Alaina also has had a baby since appearing on SGU, and the current story arch with the pregnacy is REAL!!! The curse of STARGATE (Amanda Tapping also fell pregnant, as did Rachel LUTTRELL when she was in ATLANTIS) struck early on in production and had to be written into the show.

Let me tell you............ALAINA IS HOT!!!!!!!! She has the body of an athlete/supermodel, and is just so nice. I THINK I LOVE HER........just kidding............actually, I DO!!!!

Jamill WALKER ( Sgt GREER) was also a nice guy and was signing at the event too. I'm sure KW will pop a few picks up soon!

All you SGU fans be jealous!!!!!! Just get off your asses and check out MCM EXPO and other events for signings!!

Friday, 28 May 2010


The networks have finally stood up and admitted what series they have and have not canned in favour of retarded reality shows!!!

I know we already had some great news with the likes of WAREHOUSE 13, SGU, SMALLVILLE, TRUEBLOOD and SUPERNATURAL already renewed...........but it was the likes of HUMAN TARGET (which I actually kinda like.....give it a chance) FLASHFORWARD, and HEROES.

Now I read on several sites a few months ago that HEROES had already been renewed and was coming back to our screens for a shortened series............not so, as NBC announced it's pulling the plug on it's once superhuman series. Not a surprise, but I've always had a soft spot for HEROES....but all good (and bad) things have to come to an end.

Here's the list of cancelled series.

DOLLHOUSE - Yes, we knew that already but deserves a mention.

HEROES - Love it or hate it, it's done!!!

24 - The gimmic could only last so bored after day 4.

EASTWICK - Whatever........never had the urge to watch this soap opera in sci fi/fantasy clothing!!!

GHOST WHISPHERER - The only thing I liked about this repetative series was JLH's large rack!!!!! I prefered TRU CALLING!!!

BETTER OFF TED - Another series that hasn't quite hit the UK and heard nowt about it. Might still be worth a look and i'll delievery my verdict.

LEGEND OF THE SEEKER - Looks cheap and nasty..........didn't really like it much.

The one that i'm reeling about is FLASHFORWARD. I know it's a slow burner, but I love this show. Great characters, a flowing story, an arch set out to guide the smaller plot lines........what more could you want. I know that ABC was always gonna flip a coin between FF and V, but was kinda sitting in the "save FF" camp. Oh well, at least some SCI FI survives on ABC this season.

At least we get more FRINGE, V, EUREKA, SUPERNATURAL, CHUCK and our other fav's.......not all bad I guess.



So we now have two more of the core cast for THE WALKING DEAD (shooting the pilot episode for the series now!!)

Laurie HOLDEN and Stephen YEUN round out the cast as ANDREA and GLENN along with BRENTHALL, CALLIES, LINCOLN and the others already cast.

I personally think that HOLDEN is far too old (no offence!!) to be ANDREA who is clearly in her early to mid 20's in the comic......HOLDEN is at least 35 and although very pretty, she's just not right for ANDREA.

Oh well, I might be surprised and she might be awesome...........hope so.

More soon!!


It seems like ages since I put up a post (not as long as KW, but getting there!!).....I blame it on a mix of work, XBOX360 and some retard that decided it'd be a good idea to write a virus that took out my PC for a week or so.

Well, back onto the new that is SCI FI!!!

I was well happy to see that Cartoon Network has a GREEN LANTERN animated series in the works, although not so happy to see that it's not scheduled until 2 years after the live action movie comes I think that means about 2012-2013 before we see an animated Hal Jordan flying around.

Still, it'll be worth the wait............and we'll still get to see what Ryan Reynolds makes of the role in 2011.

Monday, 24 May 2010


Hi all,

Sincere apologies for my lack of posts and general absence from the blog over the last couple of months. Things are getting very busy with the new shop (or should I now call it "MEGASTORE") and as I enter the final leg of getting the store signed over and setting it up I'm going to be away even more until about September time when we finally hope to open. I will set a day this week to sit down and do these dozens and dozens of posts I have waiting to go up, but if any of you want to fill in for me and update everyone on the world of entertainment whilst I'm absent please let me know.

Please keep coming back as there are still other members who posts here and there every week or so.

Kryptonian Warrior

Thursday, 6 May 2010


Hi all,
There is a brand new trailer from Call of duty titled BLACK OPS.
I have just watched the teaser trailer on xbox live and it looks awesome, this game also seems to be around the Vietnam era so no following from the last game. Check out the trailer and see for yourself .

Monday, 3 May 2010


I know it's been out there for a few weeks now, but I'm digging this photo of Chris Hemsworth as THOR.............I think my faith in this movie may be restored!!!

If his turn as George Kirk is anything to go by, this should be good.



Never before have I seen a cartoon that rocks as much as this trailer........CAT SHIT ONE is a new animated series from ANIMA studios in Japan.

I haven't been into Anime for years, but I think I'll catch this when its out.......bunnies with RPG's and machine guns.........awesome. You have rabbits called Botasky and Packy who kick ass and take's like modern warfare with fluffy Check the trailer out (subtitles only, but I'll post an english language one when I find it.)


Sunday, 2 May 2010


Hot on the heels of the IRON MAN and BOBA FETT crash helmets (courtesy of Andie Tong) I've found pictures of THE best motorbike leathers............ever!!!!!

The only thing not included with this is a helmet (otherwise I'd have it on order already!!!) and utility belt!!!! Looks almost spot on with the armour from Batman Begins!!!!!

And if that wasn't good enough you can also dress like wolverine!!!!........minus the claws!!! Apparently there is a Mark 2 armour IRON MAN suit in the works but no pictures so far....can't wait.



Hot on the heels of the last announcement of Jeffrey Demunn being cast in the AMC adaption of TWD, we now have the sexy Sarah Wayne Callies being cast as Lori Grimes. I have no problem with this as Callies is a great actress and I loved her in Prison Break (other than that fact she died and they wrote her back in with a twist stupider that the whole "It was all a dream" Dallas episode!!!

The complaints have been flying in from various people that "don't like the look" of the people cast...............frankly who cares as long as they're good actors/actresses and the wardrobe and makeup artists make them up as they would be in the series. I'm sure they'll be complaints that the cast are "too pretty", but I don't wanna see ugly people on TV and getting eaten by zombies!!!

As I've already stated, Andrew Lincoln is a great British actor and will be great as Rick Grimes..........John Brenthal is an unknown to me, but he could at least look like Shane......and DeMunn is a decent enough actor and will be a great Dale (unless they decide to be retarded and start creating characters)

And for those of you that have already decided to stick to the comic as you'll know what's going to happen before it does...........see what the creator has already remarked on around this subject....

That's not going to happen.

From Kirkman himself:

I think this is going to be good............more when it comes in.