Friday, 28 May 2010


The networks have finally stood up and admitted what series they have and have not canned in favour of retarded reality shows!!!

I know we already had some great news with the likes of WAREHOUSE 13, SGU, SMALLVILLE, TRUEBLOOD and SUPERNATURAL already renewed...........but it was the likes of HUMAN TARGET (which I actually kinda like.....give it a chance) FLASHFORWARD, and HEROES.

Now I read on several sites a few months ago that HEROES had already been renewed and was coming back to our screens for a shortened series............not so, as NBC announced it's pulling the plug on it's once superhuman series. Not a surprise, but I've always had a soft spot for HEROES....but all good (and bad) things have to come to an end.

Here's the list of cancelled series.

DOLLHOUSE - Yes, we knew that already but deserves a mention.

HEROES - Love it or hate it, it's done!!!

24 - The gimmic could only last so bored after day 4.

EASTWICK - Whatever........never had the urge to watch this soap opera in sci fi/fantasy clothing!!!

GHOST WHISPHERER - The only thing I liked about this repetative series was JLH's large rack!!!!! I prefered TRU CALLING!!!

BETTER OFF TED - Another series that hasn't quite hit the UK and heard nowt about it. Might still be worth a look and i'll delievery my verdict.

LEGEND OF THE SEEKER - Looks cheap and nasty..........didn't really like it much.

The one that i'm reeling about is FLASHFORWARD. I know it's a slow burner, but I love this show. Great characters, a flowing story, an arch set out to guide the smaller plot lines........what more could you want. I know that ABC was always gonna flip a coin between FF and V, but was kinda sitting in the "save FF" camp. Oh well, at least some SCI FI survives on ABC this season.

At least we get more FRINGE, V, EUREKA, SUPERNATURAL, CHUCK and our other fav's.......not all bad I guess.



MOCK! said...

"Better Off Ted" is delightfully absurd. At first I dismissed it as a US "The Office" clone but it is so much more than that...

Solid writing, great characters and wonderful acting.

Dark Knight said...

sounds like its worth a watch. thanks for the heads up