Saturday, 29 May 2010


Actually I don't really care what you guys did today (don't take it personally) cause I met one of THE most beautiful women on TV today............the super sexy Alaina HUFFMAN from SGU.

KW and I ventured to the MCM EXPO today and braved the waves of strange people that choose to dress up like cartoon characters and offer "free hugs". To be fair, if they were attractive women offering these hugs I would probably indulge..........but usually its spotty young men that appear to have never had contact with the opposite sex.

Anyway, back on the subject of Alaina.............WOW!!! This lady not only appears (currently) in two great shows - SGU and SMALLVILLE. Alaina also has had a baby since appearing on SGU, and the current story arch with the pregnacy is REAL!!! The curse of STARGATE (Amanda Tapping also fell pregnant, as did Rachel LUTTRELL when she was in ATLANTIS) struck early on in production and had to be written into the show.

Let me tell you............ALAINA IS HOT!!!!!!!! She has the body of an athlete/supermodel, and is just so nice. I THINK I LOVE HER........just kidding............actually, I DO!!!!

Jamill WALKER ( Sgt GREER) was also a nice guy and was signing at the event too. I'm sure KW will pop a few picks up soon!

All you SGU fans be jealous!!!!!! Just get off your asses and check out MCM EXPO and other events for signings!!

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