Sunday, 2 May 2010


Hot on the heels of the last announcement of Jeffrey Demunn being cast in the AMC adaption of TWD, we now have the sexy Sarah Wayne Callies being cast as Lori Grimes. I have no problem with this as Callies is a great actress and I loved her in Prison Break (other than that fact she died and they wrote her back in with a twist stupider that the whole "It was all a dream" Dallas episode!!!

The complaints have been flying in from various people that "don't like the look" of the people cast...............frankly who cares as long as they're good actors/actresses and the wardrobe and makeup artists make them up as they would be in the series. I'm sure they'll be complaints that the cast are "too pretty", but I don't wanna see ugly people on TV and getting eaten by zombies!!!

As I've already stated, Andrew Lincoln is a great British actor and will be great as Rick Grimes..........John Brenthal is an unknown to me, but he could at least look like Shane......and DeMunn is a decent enough actor and will be a great Dale (unless they decide to be retarded and start creating characters)

And for those of you that have already decided to stick to the comic as you'll know what's going to happen before it does...........see what the creator has already remarked on around this subject....

That's not going to happen.

From Kirkman himself:

I think this is going to be good............more when it comes in.


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