Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Captain America Casting News & Avengers vs The Skrulls?

If I didn't mention it already the part of Red Skull in the new Captain America movie was finally given to Hugo Weaving (Matrix, LOTR), which I'm quite pleased about, but recent news is saying that Tommy Lee Jones has now also been offered a part in The First Avenger as some sort of army character who trains or is a mentor to Steve Rogers.

Quite pleased about that too of course and I'm hoping even more big names get added as time moves on, this is the pinnacle of Marvel movies for me before Avengers comes out so I want them to do it right from the get go. Hiring Weaving and Jones is a great step towards that goal.

Other news from the web states that The Avengers may well be facing the alien shape-shifters "The Skrulls" when it's released in 2012. Whilst I can definitely see that working as a story arc I can't help but think that something more like Ultron, Loki or an all powerful Mandarin (or even Fin Fang Foom) would be better suited to the scope of the movie. We need something that all the Avengers, not just Cap, Iron Man and Thor have to deal with. Sure an alien invasion is big enough but for me it lacks something. We'll see how that rumour turns out.

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