Wednesday, 2 June 2010

FLASHFORWARD vs V - Did the right one win?

What do we all think about ABC's decision to cancel FLASHFORWARD in favour of V?? Neither series had massive ratings and although I like V, I still think FF had the edge and I found it easier to invest in the characters and plot of FF.

From the finale (which was tantalisingly good, and opened the series up for the next season) I would appear that not even the series creators were expecting to lose out to V..........I guess you should never count your chickens in TV land.
Maybe it was because FF spread the concept out too long before any sort of revelation and pay off with the series..............or maybe it was when ABC took it off the screen for months, cut down the season and then lost the audience on behalf of the show.................I guess ABC just were retarded and should stop pis*ing about with quality shows. I'm sure a lot of fans would happily admit that it was a slow burning series, but it defiantly picked up and started to get into it's stride towards the end of the series...........unfortunately too late as most of the fans had been put off with the "break" imposed by ABC.

Soooooooooooooooooo, we lose out on more FF but get more V. Is that a good thing?

Well yes and no. It's more sci fi on the screen and it's a decent enough far not a patch on the old series (sorry, but it just had that edge, even though it is very 80's!!). My only concern is that the special effects are so damn crap!!! It's probably the worse blue (or green) screen special effects that I've seen since ANDROMEDA and B5 before they pumped some cash into it (you have to admit that the first few seasons were cheap!!!)

I think it boiled down to money in the end. ABC needed a sci fi show to return, V was cheaper due to all the blue screen work (FF had a lot more set pieces and on site shooting.......and clearly looked crisper, cleaner and more expensive)..........and they cashed in on having the Uber-hot Laura Vandervoort on the many times can they write her being in her underwear into the show!!!

Hopefully a few more.

I wouldn't count FF out yet. I think they'll be a fan backlash over the next few months and we may see a return in some format....I doubt that we'll see a return for the series, but a TV movie to end the show possibly or comic or similar..........we can but hope.

Here's a few Laura V pics to soften the blow on FF being cancelled, and one of the best scenes in the show.............the gun fight with the rollings stones playing in the background from episode 5 "give me some truth." A stand out moment for the series!!

I'm outta here.


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