Saturday, 12 June 2010

Hurley, Ben And Walt To Feature In The Unseen Epilogue Footage In The DVD Boxset?

OK so I'd already posted recent news that there would be a 12-14 minute epilogue added to the 6 season complete DVD boxset.

I'd also mentioned that the epilogue would focus primarily on Hurley and Ben looking after the island, which was mentioned by both of them not only on the island itself after Jack passed the torch but also in a conversation between the two of them outside the church before they all passed on.

We now hear that not only will we see them doing this job but we'll also see what happened to Walt and a few other characters that the last episode failed to mention. This was one of LOST's biggest downfalls for me during the last episode. Although it focused on the main characters that had made it through the 6 seasons it failed to answer so many crucial questions and plot points raised during its run, and it failed to complete the storylines and lives of some other crucial members of the original flight.

Hopefully fans will get just a little of what they wanted with this little tagged on epilogue. I know I'll be buying the boxset, so can't wait to watch it and see what's added!

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