Tuesday, 1 June 2010

James McAvoy Lands Role As Young Xavier In X-Men First Class...

I can't say that I'm particularly happy with the fact that Hollywood has decided to go back to the beginning with the X-Men characters and produce a movie based on the First Class comic books. I'm a huge X-Men comic fan, as is Dark Knight, and although the final movie was a total washout for me (killing Xavier and Cyclops etc) and I wasn't a big fan of the Origins: Wolverine movie I was hoping for something other than going back to when they were all young and untrained.

Nonetheless First Class is getting made and the latest, and maybe biggest, news is that Wanted star James McAvoy has landed the main role of Professor Charles Xavier. There's no word in whether he'll portray a version of Charles that is young enough to still have hair and not be in a wheelchair (it was the debilitating power of his growing telepathic mind that forced him into the chair and he might not have reached that level by First Class) but I'm presuming he'll be both so that people recognise who he's supposed to be!

There's also no word yet on what other characters will appear in the movie, although the comics have Cyclops, Beast, Iceman, Angel and Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) in the initial line up. This could be a great film if done correctly, regardless of my feelings towards it, but it could also be a duff one like Last Stand. Only time will tell.

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