Saturday, 12 June 2010

New Die Hard Movie Called "24/7" & Was Going To Include Jack Bauer?

Huh? What? Excuse me?

Yep that's right, the new Die Hard film, which has been tentatively titled "24/7", had originally been set to team John McCLane up with 24's Jack Bauer... Or so AICN says.

It seems that the project idea didn't last too long as Kiefer Sutherland wanted to go ahead with his own 24 movie and not be tagged on to an ongoing action franchise as second fiddle. I've never seen a single episode of 24 so I have no idea if it would have worked, I can only see the movie being set in real time with ticking clocks counting down the two hours or so of movie time with both McClane and Bauer striving to defeat two separate time sensitive challenges in New York or something... Hmmmm.

The question now is: will the title of the new Die Hard stay as 24/7 or will it change. It seems sequel titles are becoming increasingly more difficult to name!

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