Saturday, 12 June 2010



Massive spoilers!!!!! Don't read if you ain't watched it yet!!

Talk about cliffhangers!! Chloe is still shot and slowly bleeding to death, Eli is racing to open the airlock for Greer and Scott, Telford and Kiva have shot each other, one silly Marine managed to shoot several people (including TJ) before getting royally frakked up!!! Oh, and there's about to be a massive Gamma ray pulse that could kill everyone on Destiny, but not before the whole of the military personnel on Destiny are about to be killed by the Lucian Alliance.

(have we seen the last of the sexy Rhona Mitra already??)

Did I miss anything? Oh, and we still don't know what happened to Dr Franklyn.....I still think he's now somehow integrated with the ship and it'll turn out to be some interface with an AI...the ship seems intelligent so it would make sense.

I did read that there was something shocking happening in the finale.........I'm guessing it's the stomach wound that TJ suffers, which I would imagine is going to have devastating effects on her and her baby. Kinda gut retching to see, but if any actress can pull that kinda drama off, it Alaina Huffman....she rocks!!

(One hot MILF!!!)

Well looks like we'll have to wait months and months for the return of the series to find out what is going to happen..............NOT SO. Having just seen the trailer for season 2, it would appear that rather than keep us waiting for 9 months, SYFY have decided to keep up to momentum and bring the series back in OCTOBER (I believe the 5th to be precise!!)...........WOO HOO!!!

4 months and one of the best shows on TV will be back...........actually I think it's THE best SCIFI show out there. What else do we have? V, er, I think that's it...............yeah sure we have CHUCK, SUPERNATURAL, SANCTUARY and some other quality shows, but none of them are pure SCIFI.................I love them all, but they all fit into either the spy, fantasy, or horror genre more than SCIFI.

On that note, I think SGU has won my heart for SCIFI series of last season (yeah, kinda by default) as it's got humour, action, aliens, a quality soundtrack (nice to hear some lyrics in the music on scifi shows rather than the plain old orchestral crap) and loads sex...........and it's Stargate which just makes it better and better.

I hope a few of you haters have been converted.......All I can say is "TOLD YA SO!!!!"

From everyone at KRYPTONIANWARRIOR........SGU, we salute you.

Here's the teaser for SGU's OCTOBER return, and the first look at Robert KNEPPER!!!!



Anonymous said...

DAMN! I HATE CLIFFHANGERS! My summer now is ruined by one of the greatest cliffhangers ever... Heh ... And yeah ... SGU is the best Scifi this season!

gobgava said...

I do not understand why a good series such as this needs a cliffhanger of this magnitude. I would have watched the next season regardless. Now I'll have this lack of resolution hanging in the back of head for several months.

Dark Knight said...

but at least it's something to look forward to, watching Young kick some Lucian Alliance ass!!!