Thursday, 15 July 2010

Elizabeth Banks To Star As Tinkerbell In Live Action Movie - "Tink"!

Elizabeth Banks... Ahhh Elizabeth Banks... Oh how I love Elizabeth Banksssssssss.........

OK I'm awake... Oh yeah, that's it. News from Variety states that Disney studios and Miss Banks' own production company will join forces very soon to bring "Tink" (better known as Tinkerbell from Peter Pan) to the big screen in her own live-action movie.

The only news apart from Elizabeth's involvement so far is that the film will center around Tink's "mischievous nature" and will no doubt be not unlike the 2007 movie "Enchanted".

Personally I can't get enough of Elizabeth Banks (if you hadn't noticed) and I think that she'll be perfect for the role that has so far only been realised on screen and in movies through cell and CGI animation. My kids will love the film... and of course so will I!!!

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