Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Green Lantern :Emerald Knights To Be Next DC GL Animated Movie?

Having just posted up the news that Superman/Batman: Apocalypse is going to be the next DC animated movie (and let's not forget Batman: Year One) I then found out just now that the new Green Lantern animated feature has been revealed and it's called "Green Lantern: Emerald Knights".

The newest GL animation should be set for release around the same time as Martin Campbell's live-action feature film.

Although the storyline hasn't been revealed yet the title is the same as a six-issue comic series written by Ron Marz and Chuck Dixon, and later collected in trade paperback format. The story for that is:

"When a young Hal Jordan is thrust forward in time, Kyle Rayner, the current Green Lantern, finds himself face to face with his legendary predecessor. Working together for the first and only time, the two Green Lanterns must find a way to defeat Sinestro and the villain that Hal is destined to one day become, Parallax. Joined by the JLA and Green Arrow in this adventure, Kyle must not only find away to defeat his enemies but also decide if his actions in the present will prevent Hal from going insane and killing many of the Green Lantern Corps in the past, or only make things worse."

Whether the movie follows the comic series remains to be seen but it sounds a little complicated for the next animated movie... Even though things like this happened a lot in the Justice League cartoon series!

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