Thursday, 22 July 2010

Just watched this trailer for a new series coming soon. It's all digital and has the same kinda look as Sanctuary. Check out the full story from AINTITCOOL.COM.

At Comic-Con, MGM will be unveiling a new "digital series" called 10, 000 DAYS; we have an exclusive preview for AICN readers.

The studio describes the concept thusly...

10,000 days ago Comet 23 struck the Pacific Ocean with the magnitude of all the nuclear weapons in the world. A lucky few survived the heat blast and fire storms. And then the freezing began. The comet knocked Earth away from the sun; encasing the planet in snow and ice. For those who survived, life was violent and dangerous. The daily battle wasn’t just against the punishing climate but against each other for the basic necessities that meant life or death. Still, the weather was growing colder and the ice was expanding. Then they found an object from the past, buried deep in the ice. And with it came a choice. A choice that could either save them or destroy them.

Check out the trailer.

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