Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The New Spider-Man Has Been Found + Other Spidey Cast Rumours

After a huge amount of Spidey casting news that I read but didn't post about recently it seems that Sony and director Marc Webb have finally found their Peter Parker... Andrew Garfield.

To be honest I've never hear of him or seen anything he's been in, I haven't even checked IMDB because I don't really care, anyone should be better than Tobey Maguire so I'm sure Andrew will be fine!

In other casting news for Spidey - news hit the web (no pun intended) this week that Anton Yelchin may be in line to play Harry Osborn and Russian born model and actress Elena Satine may play Mary Jane. Again to be honest they can't be any worse than the total mis-castings of James Franco and Kirsten Dunst from the previous 3 Spidey movie outings. And Elena is absolutely stunning, as Mary Jane is in the comics, so at least we have that for all the geek-boys out there!

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