Thursday, 8 July 2010

PREDATORS - Review and after thoughts.

Well what can I possibly say about the latest offering in the ongoing "PREDATOR" franchise? I'll tell you what I can say..................awesome and a step in the right direction to bring the franchise out of the shadow of AVP!!!!

Now I'll say from the outset that this film is bare bones and a basic action film about a group of Earth's deadliest killers being hunted by the Galaxies greatest, not the Klingons!!

It's a easy plot to follow, but this is Sci Fi and not Shakespeare.
It delivers a cast that, even though they are nasty buggers, you kinda root for from the first few moments of the movie. The action is solid and well shot, and gives some gut churning moments (ripping one of the merry bands skull and spine out in one swift move while still alive!!!) and has you gripped from the first to the last frame of the movie.

My only issue is the fact that they showed that awesome shot of Aiden Brodey getting targeted by loadsa Predator lasers and it never appears in the movie!!! I HATE IT WHEN THEY DO THAT!!!!! The same as the alternate beginning scene of IRON MAN2 where Pepper kisses the IRONMAN helmet before throwing it out of the plane for Tony to chase!!!

It's simple, basic and great. It shows enough nods to the original and sets up for more Predator related action. What more do you want. Watch it and relive the action of the original that made Predator so great. And here's the trailer to encourage you to get off your ass and go to the cinema!!!


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