Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Smallville Season 10 - Two Major Characters To Return

Holy crap! Spoliers ahead...

Smallville season 10 is set to be the biggest, and the last. With rumours coming from everywhere about what's going to happen and who we'll see (and of course whether or not Tom Welling will don the red and blues and take to the skies by the final episode) it's good to find some solid info about two major cast members making a return for the swan-song season.

It's been confirmed that not only will John Schneider (Clark's adoptive father Jonathan Kent) reprise his role in at least one episode (I gather as a flashback as he died in season 5...) but every Superman fanboy's wet dream Laura Vandervoort is coming back as Supergirl (Kara Kent) too.

Yes it's true, even though Laura was due to return as Supergirl for season 9 (confirmed by the previous years Comic Con trailer) it seemed that her role on "V" prevented that from happening. Now that season 10 has been green lit and confirmed as the final season Warner Bros (who produce both Smallville and V) have allowed her to cameo in one or more episodes. Bloody good news!

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