Monday, 16 August 2010


Have the you seen these movies yet? No? Shame on you............go see them now ( or do the naughty and check them out online!!!! Not that I'm saying that's ok or anything!!)

I've heard a lot of negative reviews for both these movies, but I love both of them in their own special ways..........although I have a clear favourite, which I will explain as I rant my way through a review.

where oh where do I start the review..........Ok, I'll start with familiar ground with the A TEAM's first big screen adaption. I loved this for the nostalgia value and down to the fact that it was pure Saturday morning fun that I grew up with. All the regulars are there (minus Col Decker....must be hanging back for the sequel!) and there are more than enough nods to give it the feel of the original series, while bringing it up to date with new tech and a new war for the A TEAM to fight.

Now is it all a bed of roses, and a masterpiece from start to finish? No, it has it's faults but they're nothing that stop it from being a decent action movie. So what is wrong with it? It suffers from trying too hard to be the original series, and it doesn't translate to the screen very well............I hate to say it, but Rampage Jackson (BA) just doesn't cut the mustard for me. It shows that he isn't an actor with a lot of skill and sometimes his performance is flat and forced......that said, he does shine every now and again and steals a few scenes from the other lead actors.

The humour in the movie sometimes undoes the action scenes and makes what could be a thumping action sequence into a farce. Liam Neeson is a very good Hannibal, Bradley Cooper does Face very well (although again, some of his hysterical laughing during scenes shredded the cool performance that he gives throughout most of the movie).............I must say that the standout performance is Sharlto Copley; his Murdoch is awesome and has as much energy and madness as the original. The other issue that everyone seemed to raise about the casting was Jessica I didn't find her acting that bad, and she certainly added some sex to the movie. What I did see was that the role wasn't needed really, and could have been cut out and the film would have been just as good. Maybe with the sequel they'll have her in a decent role within the story, and have her giving some sex and style to the story.

Is it a classic? As a fan I'll say no, but it wasn't a disaster and will grace my DVD/BLURAY collection when it's released.....Rock on a sequel.


On to the next bunch of rouge military operatives.......THE LOSERS.

This is very similar to THE A TEAM is the fact they're framed for a crime they didn't commit and decide to try and clear their names by using their skills and lots and lots of guns and explosives!!!

The cast are cool as f*ck and we have Captain America (Chris Evans) Uhura (Zoe Saldana) The Comedian (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) Heimdell (Idris Elba is playing Heimdell in THOR in 2011!! and is a very cool British actor!!! Check out short lived vampire series ULTRAVIOLET for proof!!!) Columbus Short and Oscar Jaenda also star and play very cool characters POOCH and COUGAR.........haven't seen too much with them in, but i'm sure the horizon will open after their ultra cool performances in this movie.

Now I have read the first 2 graphic novels and this has a lot of scenes that are almost translated straight from page to screen......and they come across really well. The story is basic but very slick and cool, and is almost the A TEAM combined with OCEANS ELEVEN...........but I think the performances of EVANS, SALDANA and MORGAN made this movie my favourite out of the and THE A TEAM.

The only down side it that they tried to cram 2-3 volumes of the graphic novels into one movie and had to cut some of the cooler parts out of the movie all together. The big bad guy "MAX" is a little too comedy for my liking and does seem like a idiot sometimes that it almost becomes hard to believe that he is the mastermind behind WMD'S that can destroy islands.

Is it perfect..........again, no it's not but it does shine as a quality action movie with enough well balanced humor and action to give it a well deserved place in anyone's DVD collection. Even if the movie doesn't get a sequel, at least we can still check out their comic adventures and get some more LOSERS in our life........I will love a sequel and will keep you posted if I hear anything.


For me it's THE LOSERS......but only just. They are both great movies and shine in their own ways......give them a chance and make up your own minds. Sometimes the critics expect too much of popcorn movies, and they find it hard to sit down and enjoy a movie for what it is.

If you wanna appreciate these movies, just watch them after CLASH OF THE'll appreciate them more and more..........mainly cause CLASH is a massive pile of SH*T and could even make the worst action movie look like HAMLET!!!!!

I know everyones going to have their own opinion about these movies......frankly I don't care cause I think they're ace!!!!!



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