Saturday, 4 September 2010

Linda Hamilton To Play Chuck's Mum & More Chuck News!

As with Supernatural I watched all 3 seasons of Chuck in the last few months and got an unhealthy addiction to the show for my trouble.

The fact that there's a fourth season and that the pretty awesome cliffhanger of season 3 didn't get the Sarah Connor Chronicles treatment (being cancelled) is good news enough, but then we find out that none other than original Sarah Connor herself Linda Hamilton is playing Chuck's Mum and we're all a darn site happier.

Mama Bartowski was seen in the shadows at the end of season 3 but now we have images of her including one where she's looking quite at home with a gun in her hand.

Add to this news that geek-goddess Olivia Munn is appearing as CIA operative "Greta", Chuck is a civilian again and Chuck's also had a drastic haircut and we're all now info'd out!

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