Saturday, 4 September 2010

Otakon Video - Cosplay At Its Purest

As you may be aware I've not only visited the San Diego Comic Con twice in the past few years but also go to almost all of the UK based geek conventions too. Not only that but I'm opening one of Essex's biggest and best entertainment merchandise/comic book stores next month too, so I'm getting even deeper into not only the geek world with cosplay, manga and anime but all my staff are girls and they're all going to dress in various themed costumes at certain times too...

Where oh where is this leading you may ask? Well watch the video below of the many girls (and some freaky guys) at the Otakon event in the US and you'll see why I mentioned the above. Very cool... some of it anyway!.

PS: Is it me or is Katy Perry and Snoop Dog's newest song 'California Gurls' actually really good?

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sukh said...

I used to think people who did this were total whack jobs, and maybe they are, but you gotta love them for the effort they put in and for having the balls to play grown up dress up! I salute you guys...oh and its not just you, it is a pretty good song!