Saturday, 4 September 2010

Quantum Leap The Movie? Oh Boy!

Sorry for the title to this post but Quantum Leap fans will get the in joke...

I say this a hell of a lot on here but Quantum Leap was yet another show I grew up on in the early 90's when I was roughly 10 - 11 years old and I loved it to its core. There was nothing that made me happier when sitting down to watch TV during meal times (apart from maybe Rolf's Cartoon Club before Neighbours murdered its time slot) than watching the time leaping adventures of Sam and Al with each engrossing episode giving you that weekly cliffhanger ending in the "Oh Boy!" moment.

So as you can guess I was totally ecstatic to find out that Quantum Leap is being turned into a big screen movie... But unfortunately Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell (Sam and Al) will probably only appear in cameos or at least minor roles due to their age. Probably not unlike the new Tron film it'll be a generation hand-me-down movie where a new Leaper takes over from where Sam left off. Although how many leaps one movie can cope with is obviously a question if we don't want to simply see another Back to the Future movie.

We'll have to see what happens.

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