Monday, 27 December 2010

Doctor Who 2011 - Trailer

Sooooo... For those of you that thought that Christmas Day's "A Christmas Carol" episode of Doctor Who just wasn't enough to satiate your appetites you'll all be happy to hear that the new series trailer is now available, and it looks pretty damn cool.

OK so A Christmas Carol wasn't the peak of greatness for Matt Smith's current run in my opinion (it was a little stranger than usual, but did of course have the gorgeous classic singer Katherine Jenkins) but judging by this new trailer there are some excellent story arcs to come which include the Doctor in what looks like the Wild West, or maybe Texas wearing a Stetson, Nazi's, The Ood, The White House, the Doctor tied up as a prisoner sporting a beard, Dr. River Song (multiple times, and maybe naked), a spooky house, Amy, Rory and much much more!


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