Thursday, 30 December 2010

Fantastic Four Reduced To Three... Who Will Die?

Now that I own my own comic shop I find that knowing about past, present and future comic story lines is a must rather than a hobby.

I've been through a few big story lines over my time like the Onslaught Saga, Age of Apocalypse, Amalgam Age, House of M, World War Hulk, Civil War, Dark Reign, Siege, all the DC Crisis', The Death and Return of Superman, 52 and Blackest Night/Brightest day etc and then recently we've even had the death of Captain America, the supposed 'death' of Batman and much much more.

One comic I didn't think would or could be touched in any major way was The Fantastic Four. But no, they've gone and done it now and within the next two issues one of the original four members - Reed Richards, Ben Grimm, Johnny Storm or Sue Richards will die...

Yep that's right Marvel are killing off one of the Fantastic Four (although for how long is unknown seeing as almost every comic hero makes a return sooner or later) and the question for fans is "Who's going to die". Personally my money is on Sue as she'd have the most emotional impact on the team, although Reed would be a devastating loss to the Marvel Universe as he's the smartest guy they've got... but then again my personal biggest loss would be Ben a.k.a The Thing as I've loved him as a character for over two decades. Johnny? Bah, kill him off, see if I care! Oh and by the way all the current clues point to him anyway so here's hoping!

Either way it's a bold move for Marvel killing off a member of their premier family super team but I have no doubt that within 1 year whoever dies will be back... probably after travelling through time in some way or another like every other comic hero killed in the last few years!

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