Wednesday, 29 December 2010

The Inbetweeners Movie?

How the hell did I not know about an impending Inbetweeners movie? Supposedly it's old news from back in September!!!

The Inbetweeners has to be one of my favourite British TV programmes of recent years (that and Misfits of course) but until today I hadn't heard anything about a movie...

If you're like me and this news is new to you then you'll be pleased to hear that the movie follows our 4 lovable twerps as they go on a holiday to Malia after they complete their A - Levels. From all accounts it's a full 90 minutes of the same content we usually see from the series, which of course is not a bad thing at all. No exact release date is set just yet but filming began should have finished by now seeing as it began back in August 2010 with a rough launch by Summer 2011.

Can't wait to see it!

Here's a quick vid which has the boys talking a little about the film.

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