Monday, 20 December 2010


If you haven't braved the winter weather and gone to see TRON: LEGACY........WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!!!

I went into this movie fully expecting a 3D explosion of action and set pieces to enhance the 3D and sod the story.........boy was I wrong. Yes, granted, this isn't Hamlet by any stretch but it's also not the sh*t-fest that was CLASH OF THE TITANS. We see a sequel (not a remake as the cinema exec's seem so intent on making these days) to the original TRON movie, and everything we see is an upgrade on the original. The foundations have been set, and we enter into "the grid" with Sam FLYNN (garret Hedlund) getting stuck there as did his father years before. The story is a simple one. Dad goes missing, Sam goings looking, finds Dad along with some other crazy computer programs, kinda falls for computer program/anomaly Quorra (Olivia Wilde), rescues Dad from crazy clone of Dad Clu, tries to escape and eventually does but with Dad doing an Obi Wan and sacrificing himself to save his son and Quorra.

Yes, it's seems like a simple plot but has a strong visual style to carry the story, plenty of action, and Bridges is great as always as FLYNN, and on the flip side he is also good as Clu. We see BOXLIETNER pop up as TRON and alter ego in the real world Alan BRADLEY.......I'm guessing he'll play a bigger part in the sequel but if you haven't seen it I won't spoil it. Garret Hedlund is pretty solid as Sam FLYNN but couldn't have carried the movie alone......whether that's the writing/story or his acting is yet to be seen.

The star in my eyes is Olivia Wilde.....not because she's incredibly sexy but because I think she's a great and versatile actress. She has some truly touching moments in the movie as she shows her almost childlike view on the real world that she's learnt from FLYNN.................but it does help that she's really hot too.

I personally have a very mixed view of the original TRON, and I'm hoping that not knowing every little bit about the original doesn't put people off watching this as it's a great movie and a fitting end to the 2010 movie season.......and looking back at some of the crap that's been pushed out of the bowels of Hollywood this year, this is probably the best scifi movie of the year.

All I can say is, thankfully this is something DISNEY haven't managed to screw up.....which at least bodes well for Marvel movies. DK

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