Monday, 10 January 2011

Another Real Life Superhero (wannabe) Fights Crime In The USA!

I've seen a lot of these stories and their accompanying videos and pictures lately of various people dressing up as superheros and patrolling US streets as vigilantes trying to avert crime.

This particular guy ("Phoenix Jones, Guardian of Seattle") was brought to my attention by my Mum who saw the story on Yahoo and thought of me as I once tried the same thing in my home town and I now own a comic book shop... Oh yeah, forgot to say that he changes into his super-suit in a comic book shop behind a stack of shelves in a secret room...

It's since been stated that this car robbery that he thwarted is either 1) a set up by the supposed victim and Phoenix himself to gain media attention and/or 2) a Hollywood set up/viral for some kind of upcoming project.

Personally I feel like it's fake in some way as the latex mask and outfit look too professionally made to be some civilian's home-made outfit, but then again I could be wrong. The victim of the piece does seem pretty fake though doesn't he? Like he's rehearsed the whole thing? And can civilians really walk the streets legally as blatant wannabe vigilantes carrying a bloody great 'tazer-nightstick' and mace on their person in the US? Wow.

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