Monday, 3 January 2011

Arkham City.

Why am I looking forward to it, is it that from the released pictures and trailers the game looks flawless? No. Is it that it's meant to have a great new storyline? No. Is it that I'll be able to explore the darkened streets of Gotham City? No. It is all down to one character, the insane and incredible babe that is Harley Quinn. I know that some people find her ridiculously annoying; however I don't think anyone can deny Harley babe status. I think that the picture here if anything proves my point.

I loved Harley's nurse outfit in Arkham Asylum but her new outfit is even better! They have taken her back to her original colours of black and red (why they made her outfit purple and red in Arkham Asylum is beyond me). It has a slightly grunge look to it and she is a little more decently dressed, Harley doesn’t have to wear barely anything to look amazing. Her makeup is perfect, it’s not over the top it’s just right. Her dyed hair is a little quirky too.

Although I do have one bad thing to say about Harley's new look. It’s about those tattoos, don’t get me wrong I love tattoos, but I’m just not crazy about the ones they have given Harley. From what I can see the thing on her arm looks like some tribal crap with some roses and the Joker's face thrown in. I'd have thought that if Harley were to have tattoos then yes, maybe one would be something to do with the Joker but if she had any others they'd be quite quirky you know? Maybe a few brightly coloured ones that are a little childish, as psychotic as Harley may be she is also a child at heart. That’s my only problem with her new look, those ridiculous tattoos.

So there you have my top reason for wanting to buy Arkham City when it is released later this year.......Harley Quinn.

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