Saturday, 1 January 2011

Interview - Paul aka: Kryptonian Warrior

I guess it had to be me that started off the interviews on here, so below is mine. Short and to the point but that's all we want. :)

Describe yourself briefly, who are you?

Paul aka 'Krypt' (X-box live nickname) or Kryptonian Warrior, 32 years old, owner and manager of Red Sun comics & Collectables in Chelmsford Essex. Fanboy since I was born in 1978 and obsessed with Superman, Star Wars and everything else geeky... Literally!

Me in Stargate SG-1 gear for a convention a few years back!

What's your idea of a perfect day?

A day off from work with the family at home. Blogging in the morning, gaming on Left 4 Dead 2 in the early afternoon, gaming with my eldest daughter on a Lego game etc after that and then a movie with both kids in the early evening followed by something like Supernatural or Buffy in the late evening with the missus. :)

Do you consider yourself a geek/fanboy/fangirl and why?

I definitely consider myself a geek-guru and have an almost photographic memory for all fanboy-ish stuff. Hence me finally opening a comic and collectable store. I've never met someone with my knowledge before and probably never will! Plus I go to a lot of UK conventions to get autographs from actors etc and even have my very own customised superhero suit for the store - 'The Red Sun'! How much more of a geek could I be?

Me as my alter ego and store mascot "The Red Sun"!

What is your most common dream/nightmare?

Most common dream = Flying/being a superhero.

Most common nightmare = Aliens (fear of tall Greys like in the film 'Signs') and nuclear holocaust (white flash of light killing everyone) for some unknown reason!

What are your 3 most prized possessions?

Err... My X-box 360
Life-size Captain America Shield by Factory X
Life size Animated Princess Leia Statue by Gentle Giant
- And then everything else that I own...

If you were able to choose one superpower what would it be and why?

Flying, definitely flying. Then probably massively powerful telekinesis! Although all of Superman's powers would be cool if I had the choice too...

Name your top 3 of all time of the following and why?

Superheroes - Superman, Batman, The Thing.

Movies - Don't have a top 3 really as I love about 500 movies all the same, but films like Goonies, Independence Day, Star Wars original trilogy all Arnie films etc would have to be up there at the top.

Kids cartoons - Again difficult for me as I love so many but I guess as a kid it would have been He-Man, Thundercats and Turtles. Now it's probably Justice League!

TV series - Loved 'The Unit' until it was cancelled, stunning series that always had me on the edge of my seat. Supernatural and then probably Buffy or Chuck or something like that would have to follow. Oh and Stargate SG-1...

Who's the most famous person you've ever met and how did you meet them and/or who was your favourite?

I've met a hell of a lot of famous people over the years, mostly through UK conventions or the San Diego Comic Con. I guess someone like William Shatner or Mark Hamill are big ones for me, maybe even walking past Robert Downey Jr in 2007 at the SDCC was cool, although technically I didn't "meet" him. The two best are rather minor people but it's got to be Gigi Edgley (Chiana in Farscape) and Nathan Fillion (Mal Reynolds from Firefly) who were both frickin excellent people to meet and talk to! My biggest autograph has to be a personal one from Sean Connery from back in the 80's.

 Me and Seth Green at the San Diego Comic Con 2008

Me and the fantastic Gigi Edgley (Chiana from Farscape) at the San Diego Comic Con 2008

Me and one of my all time heroes Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker/ Voice of Joker)

What toy/collectable would you love to see made that has never been done before and why?

Oooh that's difficult but maybe proper high quality articulated Zelda action figures from all the games. Big Zelda fan and have never picked up a good collectable, only a statue.

What's your favourite video game of all time on any console or on any arcade machine and why?

Crap, I have every console ever made in the UK and pretty much every gaming system that wasn't a console too (even have two arcade machines at work with tons of games on!). Games are a major part of my recreation time and I've played so many over the years it's almost impossible to choose. To be honest, although I love Mario, Zelda, Halo and Call of Duty games etc my all time favourite game would have to be Left 4 Dead 2 which I play almost every night and am somewhat of a veteran/unbeatable player on now. :P

Well that's me, what about you lot? :P

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