Monday, 10 January 2011

No love for Wonder Woman !

It seems as though there's just no luck for poor Wonder Woman when it comes to live-action.

The new Wonder Woman series was being developed by David E. Kelley (Ally McBeal, Lake Placid,)
for Warner Bros. TV. Apparently Kelley's script was taken out to the networks this past Wednesday night, and all of them passed.

Warner Bros. wanted a high licensing fee for the series, which made it impossible at NBC, which is in the midst of a complicated behind-the-scenes change over as Comcast takes over. Meanwhile, executives at CBS were split on the project, and FOX was never a likely home for Wonder Woman, as it was deemed a poor fit.

That left The CW and ABC, which both would be more natural homes for such a project. For CW, Wonder Woman was simply too expensive. But with ABC, the situation is more difficult. Deadline says ABC passing on Wonder Woman was "more politically motivated," as their parent company, Disney, develops TV series based on Marvel-owned characters Jessica Jones and the Hulk for the network, in the wake of Disney buying Marvel. After the story broke about Wonder Woman, Marvel's Brian Michael Bendis tweeted "jessica jones just beat wonder woman's ass into the ground :) marvel wins again!! :)"

Deadline lists the status of Wonder Woman as "postponed," so it seems Warner Bros/DC may try again down the line – and there continues to be talk of trying to develop a Wonder Woman movie, after years of false starts, most notably when Joss Whedon (Titan A.E., Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The Avengers (2012)), was going to write and direct a film, only for Warner Bros. and then-producer Joel Silver to pass on Whedon's approach.

Poor Wonder Woman :( ! You'd think people would be dying to see this lovely lady back in action (and spandex!)

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