Sunday, 16 January 2011

Not Watched 'Machete' Yet? Let This Animated Lipton Brisk Ad Explain It For You!

I actually watched Machete the other day and seriously wondered to myself - "What the f**k"...

No joke, watch the film and see if you can resist saying exactly the same to yourself, out loud, more than once. It's like trying not to think of a pink elephant when someone tells you not to... It's got more than a dozen WTF moments, maybe even a hundred, with the top ones being - the over the top gore (was going to vom numerous times), the first act naked chick (why? Just because they could?), Steven Segal's awful accent (cringe!), Robert De Niro's fall from grace (why oh why Bobby-D?), the hardly recognisable Don Johnson (gave me the shudders), a totally topless Lindsay Lohan (no kidding, but the Lindsay in the pool is fake FYI), a butt naked showering Jessica Alba (again no kidding, but you don't see much!), the terrible terrible story (it could induce violent vomiting for even the most avid z-grade movie lovers)... oh and the acting. WTF was up with everyone in this movie? Were they told to act like they were failing film school or something? -_-

Aaaaaaanyway this Lipton Brisk ad below doesn't help matters by getting Danny Trejo himself to explain the film through a crazy stopmotion video. It's pretty well explained, and well created, better than the actual movie in fact. But still, all I can say yet again is "WTF"?


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