Monday, 10 January 2011

Real Life Iron Man And Batman Closer To Existing?

It seems that the scientific world is slowly catching up with its advanced comic alternate universe with the news that the Raytheon Sarcos XOS 2 military exoskeleton and the 'tougher than kevlar' printable body armour are nearing their final test phases and may be ready for military application very soon.

I've posted the video for the original exoskeleton on here before but I've added the new one below to show again just what this thing can potentially do (even though the creators have not severed the umbilical power cord just yet, or added rocket boots and posh A.I.) but the new material that the Israeli's have discovered is even more interesting, especially if you really are a wannabe superhero wandering your local streets thwarting crime every night.

The new technology entails assembling transparent nanospheres that unite to form the stiffest biological material the world has ever seen. this could lead to printable/flexible body armour, tougher steel and more efficient bullet-proofing for glass. I can just see all the fanboys who wanted to be The Punisher or Batman when they were kids foaming at the mouth at the prospect of owning bulletproof t-shirts and costumes in the future!

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