Monday, 31 January 2011

SAVE SGU - Update

For those of you not currently climbing the walls waiting for news on the fate of SGU, here's the latest from Joseph Mallozzi's blog:

28th Jan

Still no definite word on the Stargate front although I am being cc’d on the various emails concerning meetings, etc. Alas, a third season looking less likely, but there are other scenarios that would allow us complete this incredible journey.

Oh boy was I not happy when I read that!!!! I DON'T want a Tv movie...........I WANT ANOTHER 6 SEASONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AT LEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then, I read yesterdays entry.

30th Jan

Speaking of buzz – I exchanged emails with Brad today and he reports another major hurdle has been cleared. Almost there, Stargate fans. Again, this is show business, so even the most promising of scenarios can go sideways fast (and dead-end scenarios turn around just as quickly). Nothing is written in stone but things are looking MUCH better now than they did last week when things looked much better than they did the week before. Meetings are still ongoing and I, like most of you, am really beginning to feel antsy. Hopefully, by the time we head back into the office for the Day 1 Mix of Blockade, we’ll have something more substantial to discuss

Oh sweet Jesus please say some genius mind from another network has stumped up the cash to cover the SYFY portion of the budget. I'm sure that not every network is as short sighted as FOX and now SYFY.

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