Wednesday, 26 January 2011

SGU: Can it be saved????

Well it appears that not all is final when I comes to SYFY cancelling SGU. There are various people at work (Joseph Mallozzi being the architect) hammering away to get the show funded from another source.

As you may be aware (If you care to look into it) SGU was not fully funded by SYFY and MGM haven't pulled out their stake in the show. At present only SYFY have chucked it in favour of wrestling and other rubbish, non scifi, TV.

There may be an announcement any day about the fate of my favourite sci fi show on TV in years, and you can check for yourself at, the personal blog for Mr Mallozzi himself.

If you want to see this show return for season 3 PLEASE PLEASE get behind the save SGU campaign and show the love.

Check out the clips for some of the best scenes in the series and just why SGU deserves to return for 10 more seasons!!!!!

And a few pics to highlight some of the shows other.......assets.


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