Monday, 10 January 2011

V - Series 2: Lizard Bodies Revealed? Spoliers!

Even though the ratings have dive-bombed to the point of no return in the US "V" still has 9 episodes to go of its 10 ep 2nd season.

You can see that the creators have tried desperately to keep fans happy with the numerous things they added to the first ep of season 2 with not only a very scantily clad Laura Vandervoort, a closing cameo of Jane Badler (original V series character "Diana") as Anna's mother but we also finally get to see what the Visitor's look like under their human meat suits.

Granted we only get to see a skeleton in a lab and then half of one of their face's (pic below) but USA Today released the image of the V's full green scaly alien body recently which is also below. Not sure I'm liking the fact that these things look like they'd never fit in a human body... But it's sci-fi so I'll let it slide.

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