Thursday, 13 January 2011

Wonder Woman + Mac

Thats right, Mac Cosmetics have finally embraced the comic side and teamed up with DC Comics to produce a Wonder Woman-inspired range of make-up. Due in Spring 2011, they're releasing blusher, nail varnish, lip gloss, lipstick, a liquid eyeliner pen, two different eyeshadow pallets, mascara, makeup glitter and bronzer, not to mention several make-up bags, brushes and a compact mirror.

Though I'm not someone who wears a great deal of make-up, I still think this is pretty cool. I suppose they're just trying to connect the superhero fad of late with more ladies? Maybe we'll see an increase in beautiful Amazonian princesses? Or maybe this stuff will flop completely as the high end Mac connoisseur sees it as little more than a gimmick? Only time will tell !

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