Tuesday, 4 January 2011

You wouldn't like me when I'm...

Although not personally a Green Lantern enthusiast, I have been interested in the story behind the other lanterns, including the darker the Black Lantern Corps and rage-filled Red Lanterns.

Which leads me to become quite enthralled by the prospect of the recently announced Red Lanterns. The series will star Atrocitus and other members of the very angry Red Corps and will be written by Peter Milligan (X-Men, Moon Knight: Silent Night, Hellblazer), with the artist not yet revealed.

"But after Geoff Johns asked if I was interested in writing The Red Lantern Corps I started thinking about Atrocitus and his anger. Because it's not just anger. It is RAGE. A crimson red rage that still consumes him after all this time. And when you think about it, the Manhunter massacre happened an awful long time ago. Eons ago. Okay, you'd never get over something like that. But Atrocitus' rage - it hasn't weakened. It is just as immense and awesome as it was all those centuries ago. I wanted to know why. I wanted to know how." - Milligan

"In the first storyline of THE RED LANTERN CORPS we look for an answer to these questions. And the answer lies in part on the far side of the prison planet Ysmault. It is here where we'll see why and how the rage of Atrocitus is just as all-consuming as it ever was. We'll also begin to learn what goes on in the boiling brains of his napalm-blooded corps. Can the proud Bleez remain a loyal servant? How does the angry cat Dex-Starr try to feed its beloved master? And what horrors lie at the bed of the ocean of blood?"

There has been no official launch date for this yet but its assumed it'll be released around the time of the new Green Lantern film.

What do you guys think?
I'd personally love to see a darker and more gory take on a Lantern story, more Black Corps than Green style. Considering these guys spew blood, I don't think it'll be taken lightly !

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