Friday, 11 February 2011

Braiiiiinzzz (plastic ones?)

McFarlane Toys have revealed a sneak peek of the new figures from The Walking Dead
This is the Zombie Roamer figure, one of four in the first wave.

The first series of deluxe 6 inch figures is due to arrive in September 2011 and includes four characters based on the comic books;

Wave One
Officer Rick Grimes
Zombie Lurker
Zombie Roamer

The second wave is revealed in November 2011 and introduces four figures based on AMC's original drama;

Wave Two
Deputy Rick Grimes
Daryl Dixon
Zombie Walker
Zombie Biter

Each human figure includes multiple interchangeable accessories and several points of articulation for limitless possibility and customization. Each zombie figure features unique, gory, play action such as exploding heads and removable limbs. Figures are expected to sell for around $14.99 at retailers nationwide.

I think these will be HUGELY popular considering how well the comics/graphic novels and TV series have done !

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