Sunday, 6 February 2011

Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean Videogame - First Teaser Trailer

My eldest daughter and I play a lot of X-box 360 games together in two player co-op and as I've said a l lot of time before there are none better than the LEGO videogames. So far we've fully completed the Star Wars Saga, Indiana Jones 1 & 2, Harry Potter Year 1-4 & Batman... And we're still waiting for the Lego Clone Wars game in March.

Now there's news that the creators of the past few games, Travelers Tales, are releasing a new game for one of the most recent Lego licenses - Pirates of the Caribbean!

Although I still think the first Pirates movie overshadows the 2nd and 3rd by quite some margin (and probably the 4th too) there's no doubting that a Lego game based on this 4-movie license is going to rock, and I know my daughter and I can't wait for it to be released!!!

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