Monday, 14 February 2011

Superboy In Smallville? No Wait... That's Alexander!!!!

In a major WTF moment for all Smallville fans a complete 180° is heading our way in the form of Connor Kent aka Superboy appearing. But his existence is a real kick in the teeth for followers of season 10 as it turns out Superboy is none other than the current rapid-aging Lex Luthor clone "Alexander".

Yes boys and girls on the latest episode of Smallville you may have seen that Alexander was becoming ill, losing his memories and suddenly revealed as impervious to harm and in what can only be a last minute script rewrite/plot opening for the return of the original Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) the current Lex clone is being pushed to one side and his newly discovered Lex/Clark DNA mix is making him Connor!

Oh well, as long as we see Clark as Supes by the final episode I'm giving up on caring what else is thrown into the mix!

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