Sunday, 27 March 2011

Good News Everyone! Futurama And Fringe Renewed For New Seasons!

 Good news indeed... The hit Simpsons spin-off show (and one of my favourite animated shows of all time) 'Futurama' has just been renewed for 2 new 13 episode seasons by Comedy Central to air up until 2013. That means 26 brand new episodes! Woo hoo!

In other news Fringe, JJ Abrams' X-files style series, has jumped the proverbial shark because although it was moved to the so called "death slot" of Friday nights recently in the U.S. (when everyone's out doing other things and not watching TV... except for me) it has thankfully been renewed for a fourth season. This news is epic for me as I'm a Fringe nut, it's seriously one of my favourite shows and not just because it has the gorgeous Anna Torv (oh boy, that alternate red headed Olivia... oh boy) and the absolutely awesome John Noble playing one of my favourite characters of all time - Dr. Walter Bishop.

Yay for show renewals and not cancellations!

And here is "Fauxlivia" for my your viewing pleasure! :P

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