Thursday, 31 March 2011

X-Men First Class Has Michael Ironside And A Surprise Cameo...

Who doesn't love Michael Ironside in absolutely everything he's ever been in, good or bad, hands up?

You at the back, sit down or I'll whoop your arse...

Anyway, news just hit the web that Michael will have a role, albeit as small as a cameo, in the upcoming X-Men First Class movie (no doubt military in some way as that's pretty much all he ever plays) and then there's also news that there will be a surprise and fun cameo from someone which qualifies as a massive spoiler, which at this time could be just about anyone from the X-Men/ Marvel universe... But is no doubt Hugh Jackman as Wolverine (well, pre-'Wolverine' I should say).

I'll admit right now that I'm not that interested in this movie, which is strange because like my partner in crime "The Dark Knight" I'm an X-Men obsessive, but I think the cast, the characters and the time period in this movie have put me off to the point of pure apathy... Oh, that and the god-awful X-Men 3: Last Stand movie which soured my grapes something cronic!

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Anonymous said...

This one was on the same level as the first movie of the X triology. I thought it would be a somewhat-fun-but-ultimately-disappointing-waste-of-time movie, like Last Stand. 'Twas not. It was a total return to form for the series.