Saturday, 23 April 2011

Cool Pics From The Web...

Yet another batch of cool artwork from the web! A double dose on St. George's Day for you!

Smurfs 3D - New Poster

Below is a new poster for the upcoming Smurfs 3D movie, a guilty pleasure I know I'll enjoy regardless of how bad it turns out to be!

Marvel Parodies Lil Darth Vader Volkswagen Commercial For Thor Movie!

Remember that awesome Volkswagon Superbowl ad with the super-cute little Darth Vader?

Now Marvel have done a parody vid for the upcoming Thor movie which is just as cool.

Doctor Who Airs Tonight On BBC1 - Pics Galore!

I think just about everyone I know is excited about tonight, the night that Doctor Who returns to our screens for its 6th action packed season.

Below are a number of screen shots and promotional images to whet your appetites, and remember - someone supposedly dies in tonight's episode! I'm betting River...

Cool Pics From The Web...

Another dose of cool pics from the web for you again this week!