Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Gifs To Smile to...

3 gifs for you here that made me smile today.

1) Fake viral advert for Tampa Bay Rays baseball player "Evan Longoria" performing the impossible by saving a female reporter by catching a fastball coming from behind him. Done this myself when I was younger at school (no proof of course) and I'm still a phenomenal catcher even now... :P


2) A kitten hilariously winding up a dog... It's slow and meditated animal hilarity at its finest.

1305533237 5 A few GIFs to help destroy your daily productivity

3) A little ruder than usual but something the Missus and I have joked about for years whilst watching Friends... Jennifer Aniston never wears a bra for the whole 10 seasons and is permanently smuggling peanuts. What if we had the option to remove them with a Wii remote? Craziness.


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