Monday, 30 May 2011

Hot Toys' Christopher Reeve Superman Figure = OMG...

Anyone who knows me is aware that I am obsessed with Superman (as if the blog name didn't give that away already) but specifically Christopher Reeve's Superman who will always embody the character in my eyes.

I have a whole bunch of Superman statues and collector dolls in Christopher Reeve's image and I was once very tempted by Toynami's £3000 cinemaquette, but now I think I've found my ultimate collectable. The Hot Toys 12" figure which is soooooo frickin awesome I might cry when I finally hold it!

Red Sun Comics & Collectables will be stocking this figure when it's released later in 2011 but there will be limited quantities so get in there quick!


MissChocobo said...

i was showing this entry to my other half attempting to show him the amazing detail and all he said the entire time was "look at that bulge!" ¬.¬

Anonymous said...

LoL....prolly women's favorite part in the Superman movies