Monday, 16 May 2011

Play Original Nintendo Games (Gameboy, Nes, Snes) Online For Free Now!

Holy hell did I have some fun last night. Whilst perusing the net for news to go on this blog I came across two sites that rocketed me back into my childhood quicker than a Delorean hitting 88 miles an hour... and are two new sites that allow visitors to play a huge library of Nintendo games directly though their browser via a flash-based interactive window (not a downloadable emulator) designed to look like either the old school Gameboy LCD screen or an old CRT TV with a console underneath... 

Keyboard controls are relatively standard and very easy to get to grips with (although my attempt to play Duck Hunt on the NES didn't work) and graphics are all fine and dandy. But it's the memories that come flooding back when you enter these games that's amazing. The music to Double Dragon on the original Gameboy, the sound effects from Super Mario World and Punch Out, the frustration of Super Off Road and many many more instances that occured, you could almost smell that ozone-y "new-console" aroma. Just finding games like Ikari Warriors and TMNT: Tournament Fighters made me say "WOW" and "COOL" for the entire time I browsed the back catalogue... Geek heaven

Hope you all have as much fun as I did if you get the chance to visit!

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