Friday, 3 June 2011

The Dark Knight Rises - Five New Viral Videos?

It seems Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros. are looking to create some real hype for the upcoming "The Dark Knight Rises" movie...

Five mysterious videos have gone up on YouTube posted by a user called "TheFireRises." The first, "419," features scenes of devastation and the sight of a massive skyscraper burning. The second, "423," has some weird chanting with footage of ambulances and Police announcements of "Officers down!" The third, "Outbreak," takes you inside of an prison, Arkham Asylum maybe while terrifying chanting builds in the background. The most recent video, "GCN," is the most explicitly Dark Knight-ish, with Anthony Michael Hall’s newscaster apparently reporting on an Arkham Asylum outbreak. In the middle of the "GCN" video, it flashes a link for a facebook page which takes you to "TheFireRises" page. The last video, "The Fire Rises" is just the chanting over and over...

Check out the five videos below via

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