Friday, 3 June 2011

DC To Reset Time With Justice League # 1 After The Events Of Flashpoint?

I admit that although I own and run a big comicbook shop I don't keep up with every title, even the massive DC/Marvel storlines sometimes, but recently DC's time altering "Flashpoint" storyline has rocked the world and out of the ashes will emerge a new timeline/comic continuum starting with "Justice League # 1", notice there's no "International" or "of America" in the title either. I need to read this!

As you'll see from the gorgeous Jim Lee drawn image below each character has had their respective costumes slightly tweaked for the new run with Cyborg also becoming a full-time member (and is Green Lantern missing his ring?).

More info:

Guided by writer Geoff Johns and artist Jim Lee, Justice League will begin its first year with an updated secret origin reflecting DC's new initiative, giving the group a reason for coming together that it lacked when the league first appeared in 1960. And while it will ultimately boast 14 members, at its core will be DC's A-list do-gooders: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern and Aquaman.

"The approach is very much about who they are behind the masks and how they interact together and how these personalities mix," explains Johns, DC Entertainment's chief creative officer. "With the world's greatest superheroes, how does that team actually work? Do they all get along? Being able to pull together and see how that relationship is forged and continues to grow has to be at the heart of that book."

In the rollout of the revamped DC Universe, some titles will return, a lot of titles won't, and DC will have a wider range of books starting in September, Dan DiDio says. In addition, three-quarters of the creative teams will be shuffled around — series that are successful and writer/artist combinations that work well together won't be tweaked too much, he says.

“We’ve got a new set of creators coming in with new voices in the DC Universe,” Writer Dan DiDio says.

The characters also are getting a makeover. While most of the specifics are still top secret, artist Jim Lee says he worked with both staff and freelance artists to redesign costumes in a contemporary way as well as alter the physicality of many heroes and villains to modernize the DC Universe.

The recent emphasis on diverse characters such as lesbian superheroine Batwoman, Hispanic hero Blue Beetle and African-American adventurer Cyborg (who will be a core member of Johns and Lee’s new Justice League) also will continue.

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Mistress of Magic said...

I'm on two sides about this really. One the one hand me and the boyfriend are super psyched about reading #1's for a start and i'm really liking the new costume designs like wonder womans and supermans (although you're right about hals ring, its missing) but ont the other hand, i've just caught up with blackest night etc and getting into a coulple of other stories and it'll all be meaningless in a few months...not so please about that. And i've heard rumours that Zatanna is one that isn't coming back :(