Wednesday, 8 June 2011

First Images Of Rebooted DC Comic Titles...


That's my comment on the below pics - "no". I'm not happy but at the same time I know this won't last for long until the whole thing is reversed either through "retconning" the whole lot or someone waking up in the shower and realising it was all a bad dream (remember Dallas? Ah those were the days!).

So anyway, in order from top to bottom we now have Batwing aka David Zavimbi, a new Batman of Africa, part of the new Batman Inc line, then a new Night Wing costume for Dick Grayson (who - SPOILER - looks like he'll be stepping down as the current Gotham Batman to take back his old identity), then Red Hood and the Outlaws which is a team led by Red Hood aka Jason Todd featuring Arsenal and Starfire, then the new Teen Titans featuring Wonder Girl, Superboy, Red Robin (Tim Drake), Kid Flash and two other females I'm not sure of. I would have said Starfire if she wasn't with the Red Hood, and the cyber spider thing in the bottom left? No idea. Natasha Irons maybe? I guess we'll have to wait and see...

Oh and the bottom one is just to reference the fact that the new DC continuity is supposedly giving Barbara Gordon (AKA the original Batgirl and now Oracle) her legs back too... Cop out!!!

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