Friday, 17 June 2011

Joel Silver Turning Cartoon Network's 'Ben 10' into Live-Action Movie!

Producer Joel Silver, who is well known for bringing us blockbuster movies such as Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, The Matrix and Sherlock Holmes has just announced a deal with Cartoon Network to bring Ben 10 to the big screen as a new live-action movie...

Considering that the previous live-action TV films from the franchise, in my opinion, have been bloody terrible, the news that Silver Pictures (Joel's production company) has taken this project on is extremely exciting to any Ben 10 fan. Which I am, even at 33 years old!

I think as long as we see a huge amount of CGI alien forms and some serious action, cutting out any cutesy/ corny crap, this could be a great movie. More news as it gets released!


MOCK! said...

This news will be quite well recieved in our fousehold...

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